Discovery STS-120 Mission

Below are some great photographs of the space shuttle Discovery as it rests on launchpad 39A and then roars skyward to deliver the Harmony (node 2) module to the International Space Station during the STS-120 mission. Also included is a nice mission crew photo including mission commander Pamela Melroy. As usual photos are courtesy of NASA.

sts120_padDiscovery STS120 launch 1STS120 crew photo



One Response to “Discovery STS-120 Mission”

  1. markeyboy9944 Says:

    Hello there

    I was wondering if I could use the image of the shuttle taking off as a poster background for a contest for my school.

    The objective is to make an inspirational poster for a contest for

    Only with the owner’s permission am I allowed to use the picture.

    thank you very much

    – Mark Irons

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