University Of Louisville Basketball Schedule

Below is an image (I hope!) of the University Of Louisville Men’s Basketball Schedule for the 2005-2006 season. (Also testing recent bad image links on WordPress).

UofL Basketball Schedule 2005-2006


2 Responses to “University Of Louisville Basketball Schedule”

  1. josh Says:

    What is wrong with my cardinals? I have been a loyal fan since I can remember, the ’86 championshinp, I remember even though I was 4 yrs old. Ever since Ricky P. has become the coach we have expected the best every year, But every year it has been a disappointment. I would like to know if we will ever win a National Championship again. I just watched the Kentucky game and I was very upset. 3 for 24? Is that real? Can Louisville that bad? I know basketball, If I was 1-5 from 3 point range I would not shoot any more. Maybe we have made mistake? I really hope not.

  2. josh Says:

    I hope we win sooner than we think.

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